Saints Row - Current Favorite Boss - Lina & Arron
Saints Row - Current Favorite Boss - Lina & Arron
●Saints Row ●Lina Williams ●Arron Farwell




oh my god


~SR2 Shaundi~

Idle Lines

  • "So you’re sure that Mr. Sunshine is dead?"
  • "You think I look good with a sombrero?"
  • "You got any weed?"

Making that Phone Call

  • "Should I bring the guns or the tequila?"
  • "You can count on me, boss."
  • "I’m nearby, boss. Give me a sec."
  • "I can make it, but…I’m really baked right now."
  • "Are you anywhere near Freckle Bitches? I’ve got the munchies!"

Upon Arrival

  • "We looking to go have some trouble?"
  • "Let’s roll, boss.


Last of the SR2 set. Now off to SR3 I go~

~SR2 Shaundi’s Comments on the Boss’ Driving~

Battle Quotes

  • "How many of these guys are there?"
  • "Let’s take care of them, boss."
  • "We make a good team."
  • "Okay, that was pretty sexy."
  • "You guys fucked up big time."

She Expresses Concern

  • "People didn’t want to get hit, they’d stay home."
  • "That’s what they get for driving near us."
  • "That gets me everytime."
  • "You know, we could walk."
  • "Doing okay, boss?"
  • "Feeling okay, boss?"
  • "Anger issues?"

Then Gives Up

  • "Well, that happened."
  • "Got that one."
  • "You gonna pay for this?"
  • "That came out of nowhere."
  • "Geez, take it easy."
  • "You don’t mess around, do you?"
  • "You really don’t like people, do you?"
  • "How about we drive safely for once."
  • "What is this world coming to?!"
  • "Just so we’re clear, I’d like to not die today."
  • "This is why I hate riding with you."
  • "*Sarcasm* Always exciting when you’re driving"

Make me choose:↳ zorahs asked: Shaundi or Kinzie

Make me choose:
↳  asked: Shaundi or Kinzie


Honestly, I made these screenshots for no reason

●Saints Row ●Saints Row IV ●Kinzie Kensington

Wanted to post my Boss in different outfits

Here are President, 50’s, Spaceship and Default Lina

●Saints Row ●Lina Williams ●Saints Row IV

Bro Boss needs some love too <3


Bro Boss needs some love too <3

No but really if you haven’t seen brinx2's art, go right now.

  •  send me a number 1-60 and i'll answer the questions with one of my OCs
  •  (please specify who)
  • 1: What's your OCs favorite color?
  • 2: Where does your OC work?
  • 3: What's your OCs favorite food?
  • 4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
  • 5: How old is your OC?
  • 6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
  • 7: Is your OC in a relationship?
  • 8: What are some of your OCs strengths?
  • 9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
  • 10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?
  • 11: What is your OCs spirit animal?
  • 12: Is your OC sexually active?
  • 13: What is your OCs earliest memory?
  • 14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
  • 15: What makes your OC angry?
  • 16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?
  • 17: How long can your OC hold their breath?
  • 18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?
  • 19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
  • 20: What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
  • 21: Who is your OCs best friend?
  • 22: Has your OC ever killed someone?
  • 23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?
  • 24: What does your OC smell like?
  • 25: What time of year does your OC prefer?
  • 26: Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk)
  • 27: What languages does your OC speak?
  • 28: Does your OC like anime?
  • 29: Can your OC swim?
  • 30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
  • 31: Does your OC believe in fairies?
  • 32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
  • 33: Are your OCs parents dead?
  • 34: Is your OC religious?
  • 35: How flexible is your OC?
  • 36: What turns your OC on?
  • 37: What was your OCs first word?
  • 38: Does your OC have any pets?
  • 39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
  • 40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
  • 41: What is your OCs motto about life?
  • 42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
  • 43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?
  • 44: What color eyes does your OC have?
  • 45: Does your OC like reading?
  • 46: Is your OC loyal?
  • 47: Does your OC tolerate violence?
  • 48: What social class is your OC from?
  • 49: What country was your OC born in?
  • 50: Does your OC cry easily?
  • 51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
  • 52: How does your OC feel about insects?
  • 53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?
  • 54: Does your OC smoke?
  • 55: What gender is your OC?
  • 56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
  • 57: Would you call your OC adventurous?
  • 58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
  • 59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
  • 60: Does your OC enjoy nature?



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